Client Testimonials

“Kris took the time to listen to my needs and came up with many options in my budget to create a unique space. As an artist myself, I had a concept of how I wanted my place to look, but I had no idea how to implement it. It’s a difficult space to fit everything and I was blown away by what Kris came up with. I get compliments everyday about how inviting the space is and am extremely happy with how it came out.”

– Mark Brown
(Owner, Mark Brown Photography Studio)

“Kris is one of the most talented and likable designers I have ever dealt with – a rare combination. Kris has been my “go-to” designer for real estate staging and listing preparation. I highly recommend her services. She possesses a unique talent of truly understanding her clients’ needs and wants, while providing them with the direction they need to create the final result. When a designer’s primary goal is to create a beautiful finished result that works for the client, the result is amazing.”

– David Wolf
(@properties – Real Estate Sales and Marketing Consultant)

“I loved that the process was so straightfoward.  A designer can be intimidating because you wonder whether you are walking into a blackhole of expense without a clear idea of the result.  Kris is definitive about her approach – she did exactly what she said she was going to do, when she promised she would do it.  I feel like I have two new rooms in my house.  We moved into our house three years ago and never used the living room.  After Kris’ work, it’s like I have an addition!  Now, I love to sit in there – it’s a beautiful space and we use it all the time.”

Lisa Koehl
Executive Director, Multinational Bank

“With Kris there are no surprises.  She’s collaborative, approachable and cheerful.  She had definite ideas about what I should do but she also listened to my ideas, so I felt I was collaborating while she was in charge of the process.  I love what she did with my home and office.  I’d recommend her for any job – large or small.  She has integrity, she’s friendly and most importantly – she delivers.”

Dr. Maureen Fayen
Chicago, IL